Nginx vs Apache

Apache vs NGINX

Nginx vs Apache

Apache vs NGINX web servers (RIP IIS)

Both solutions are very popular successful open source web servers powering the Internet today. According latest web server survey provided by Netcraft, last years market leader Apache lost about 0.5 million domains and continues to lose market share meanwhile Nginx has continued to steadily increase its domain share during last years. There are many factors influencing on this statistics but we can designate the most important of them. Many big players – hosting and international corporations, ISP and DNS providers nowadays area switching to Nginx custom and business solutions. Latest apache versions still faster and more responsive for dynamic content but Nginx engine able transform dynamic content into static allowing to cache content efficiently – Cloudflare and others commonly use this technique. Apache runs on all kinds of Unix-like systems but Nginx is supported only by modern systems. Both projects have an excellent security and offers same-level tools against web attacks, both are very flexible and have good documentation. The ultimate solution is to use both together where Apache for processing dynamic content and using NGINX to deliver static (or cashed) contents. Still don’t know which is better? Remember Nginx is about two times faster and consumes less CPU and RAM usage for static web files.

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