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The new VoIP security issues

Sip Systems Cyber Security

VoIP security issues 2019-20XX

VoIP has become the indispensable face of communication in various businesses. But this new mode of communication has some security threats that you need to be considered seriously. A number of VoIP security issues exist among which spits, denial of service and fraud stand out as the most dangerous ones.


This is also known as Vishing or the VoIP phishing. In recent times, this is a growing problem all over the internet. Basically, the cybercriminals can pose as the banking service providers or email providers. After sending email or SMS, they also try to find out the recipients to click on the specific link or call back to a certain number. This numbers should not be replied but you can contact your VoIP service provider directly.


SPIT is very much disturbing and annoying factor to address. Spam can be a huge problem for users of VoIP. We may be aware of the name of email spam but it never wakes you up at 3 am but if your phone ringing at 2 a.m, it will surely disturb you.  Spam messages also can carry viruses and spyware with them as the VoIP accounts are associated with the IP address. This increases the chances for the spammers to send their voice mails to many of the IP addresses.

Call hijacking

This is the new and most sophisticated form of call hacking. Most of the VoIP hackers are using the method. When the VoIP users make calls on their WIFI hotspot, they try to hijack that particular call. They steal the secret and sensitive information with the method.


The conversations through the platforms of the Internet can be wiretapped easily from the strong technical side. By using the method, most of the hackers steal major credentials and other information. They steal the necessary credentials to make calls without paying so much and also many people do it just to obtain information like different important business data. The hackers also can change your calling packages, forwarding calling number, personal settings, add more credential etc.

Call tampering

Sometimes the poor quality sound or having long periods of silence are not the fault of your VoIP Company, but it can be the effects of this type of threat. The key purpose of the attack is to slow down the connection, or it can even block the call signals delivery.  

VoIP technologies in 2019 are still under heavy development. As a VoIP user, you need to take some steps to protect yourself from such security problems. The number of VoIP security issues increases with development new technologies, net protocols, software and it capabilities.

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