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Ethereum hard fork – Constantinople

Hard Fork Sip Systems

Constantinople is a hard fork of Ethereum! There are many who are of the wrong opinion that hard forks are always bad. People are aware of hard forks moving through the big Forks, to Bitcoin Cash from early Bitcoin hard fork. Although termed a wild ride, it is very much in the battle-line formation between both the communities. Ethereum got split into two in 2016 and presently, there are Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The split took place because of community members not being satisfied with the network’s security aspects. Being a software upgrade, the fork is found beneficial.

About Ethereum Hardforking

Constantinople, the hard fork is considered to be 2nd phase of Metropolis, the overall project’s name given to upgrade. Byzantium was the 1st phase which took place recently. The hard fork or upgrade according to the industry professionals is likely to be carried out very soon. Total of 4 EIPs or Ethereum improvement upgrades are to be implemented by the developers.

The lead developer, Peter Szilagvi, of the popular Ethereum client ‘Geth’ stated that they had almost implemented majority of the changes.

The Ethereum developers have been carrying out implementation of such software upgrades for quite some time to make Ethereum network to run much faster, to be more efficient and to be less expensive. They claim to be ushering in Blockchain technology’s ‘new age’. It is regarded to be an important upgrade in Ethereum, requiring a hard fork. This hard fork is also whole-heartedly supported by the Ethereum community.

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What are hard fork?

Hard forks are in total of eight types. The technical description of the same is ‘Permanent divergence in block chain technology that occurs commonly when non-upgraded nodes will not be able to validate the upgraded node generated blocks which follow the latest consensus rules’. The term hard forks can be come across when there is creation of new coin, since something major is not agreed upon by the community. It can be stated to be headline forkery and does create some intense and funny YouTube content.

With the hard forking of a coin, some do mine/support old coin/chain. It is what exactly took place with Bitcoin forking to that of Bitcoin cash, while Ethereums got split into two to become Ethereum Classic. Most hard forks can be termed to be software upgrades and are positive. they can be real good for those making investment for better returns.

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