PCoIP protocol Advantages

PCoIP protocol Advantages

PCoIP protocol Advantages

This is actually a new display protocol to get detailed compression of your desktop. It displays through the client device (zero) over the IP network. PCoIP protocol – new system, developed to deliver the remote applications and desktops to the endpoints.

For the television, film and television industry PCoIP is the new thing to follow. This new technology is now available and allows them to share instantly dailies work with remote studios, Full HD or work from home while keeping the movies secure. 

  • – It can protect against the pre-release piracy
  • – Keep large animation and video files set of the desktop or server room
  • – Enables free seating for the purpose of creative collaboration

The technology is now available that allows the companies to centralize their PC IT, to remove the computers from the people’s desks and replacing them with a small, energy efficient box, known as “thin or zero clients”. This is basically a screen that connected directly to the internet.

Remote working using PCoIP protocol

Most of the companies are choosing the strategy for desktop computing due to the advantages of centralized management, no more crawling under desks fixing computers. It gives the the ability to access a remote desktop from anywhere using , allowing from remote and home working.

Limitations of technology and the way to overcome it

Hardware manufacturers are well-aware of the current technological limitations especially in the terms of displaying the streaming multimedia. Standard zero client technology works well for most of the cases where companies need to perform the general office functions. There are some industries that have had technical issues. It prevents them from fully adopting the “thin” technology. This is especially applicable for the entertainment industry that relies on having instant access to the big files. This is where the importance of PCoIP comes. This is the technology that allows the desktop to be moved effectively to a centralized place so the users have the “thin client” on their desk and allow for the improved streaming multimedia.

The primary advantage of using PCoIP is allowed the organizations to prevent PCs as the endpoint of the clients by relying only on the zero client concepts. “Zero clients” is less costly than PC. The system also needs less maintenance. Zero or thin client concept is more secure as this platform is not at all dependent on the local open operating system.

For trading companies or businesses using call centers, this means that the remote teams work in different continents, using encrypted channels, all work on the same servers and the data should be stored centrally.

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