New Remote Desktop Technologies

New Remote Desktop Technologies

New Remote Desktop Technologies

Remote desktop technologies are a boon for many professionals, especially in today’s highly competitive world of mobile devices and cloud computing. It is necessary to know the different ways by which data can be accessed easily and effortlessly from any location across the globe.

About Remote Desktop Software

There are many who do possess hi-speed net links at homes using which wireless or wired routers are used for sharing connectivity with different devices including laptop, desktop computers, mobile devices and game consoles. Remote desktop software can be termed to be a software which permits interaction with and viewing of user interface from remote device. For example, iPad can be used from the living room to manage Windows 12 Computer at home office.

What is remote desktop software?

It is currently available for almost every type of computing platform. It comprises of two components, namely a server component installed on device that is to be connected remotely and the other being client component used on other device for connecting to related server component.

It involves several communication rule sets (protocols) that are proprietary. As long as server components and client is available for the wide range of operating system platforms, it is possible to cross transparently those OS divides. Remote desktop software, for instance, can be used from Mac OS X laptop to manage Red Hat Linux based desktop workstation. This technology is also used from iPhone for interaction with Android tablet & vice versa.

What is great about this new technology introduced in the market?

With the device on both the connection speaking same ‘language’ (use same protocols), it simply does not matter as to what type of operating system platform or hardware is being used. Therefore, it becomes easier to remote access Finder of Mac OS X computer from Windows 10 computer that might be located at any part of the globe.

Some issues faced

Problems faced with few ‘barebones’ or business oriented remote desktop software is that connections are employed by remote desktop solutions on non-standard TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) ports. VNC (Virtual Network Connection) protocol is a classic example of the same.

Port and non-standard protocol issues faced by home users are that there will be required configuration of the residential routers to forward outgoing and incoming traffic on such port IDs. It does come up with a learning curve which majority of the non-technical people would like to avoid. Sip Systems offers varied remote access solutions for individuals and businesses of all kinds and sizes (thin client or zero client) using secured advanced tools including newest VoIP technologies.

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