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The introduction of high speed internet and different types of sophisticated gadgets has completely revolutionized the telecom sector and how people contact one another. As a matter of fact, internet telephony has shortened the distance tremulously. The popular communication platforms like FaceTime, Skype and Whatsapp are tools which have been facilitating communicating with people across the globe at an instant and without the huge bill involved. With time, a good number of trading companies and other organizations have adopted Business VoIP Solutions to enhance their communication level.

What is IP voice & why it is popular?

Users now can make calls instantly over the web. Landlines are no more required for every phone used in the business. Rather, resources can be now used more efficiently as well as run emails, calls, web browsing using same connection. So, contacting the well established VoIP service provider is sure to come with innumerous benefits.

Some benefits derived from availing Wholesale VoIP service

  • Huge savings: Replacing conventional landline connections with VoIP telephony can help save huge amounts, by at least 50%. This is because of cheaper call rates and reduction of required permanent phone lines.
  • Location & expansion: Majority of the businesses using conventional ISDN phone services do find it tough to re-route the existing numbers cheaply and quickly as they relocate. Using internet based services, this issue can be done away with as the numbers are free from geographical or physical location, as it is web based. Hence, the number can be taken wherever desired. Internet telephony is also a boon for businesses aiming for international expansion. This is because, there is no need for setting up costly offices abroad. International numbers can be set up for outbound calls through VoIP.
  • Backup plan: A good number of trading companies have reported losing telephony services recently. Such costs do add up and each outage is found to last for average of about 8 hours, thus costing huge. With IP Voice, it is possible to redirect calls quickly to different locations, during expected situations. This automatically reduces the impact upon your business. Having pre-set routing strategies in place, will help automatic re-routing of the IP phone if a fault is detected by the system.

Start to save money on your phone bill

To derive that competitive edge, it becomes crucial for decision makers to take into consideration Sip System and save money in the process that can be directed to other necessities and towards business and trading companies promotion expenses.

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