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Crypto Market
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Cryptocurrency is on the road to revolutionize this world and doing wonders every day. It all started back in 2009, when the first cryptocurrency named as “Bitcoin” was launched. Bitcoin shook the market with its volatility. People started to invest in cryptocurrency as the Bitcoin was seeing its boom. Today Voip industry accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and deploy payment gateways for its customers.

Cryptocurrency market in Voip

Now, there are many cryptocurrencies available and these currencies are solving many problems. From buying cars to buying alcohol, everything can be done with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity every day because of the technology behind it “Blockchain”. Many of the established companies have started accepting Cryptocurrency as method of payment such as Sip Systems which is one of the biggest VoIP service provider, accepts bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. We assume that around 90% NCLI voip traffic is paid by bitcoins and ethereum.

Bitcoin is again increasing its value slowly, as it did last year. It is highly volatile yet people are intrigued in investing in it. People are praising the Blockchain technology and many industries have started implementing this technology for betterment. California just announced a bill that allows companies to store data and stockholder’s information on blockchain technology.

There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and EOS on top. Cryptocurrency is decentralized and has Blockchain technology on its back, because of this fact it has produced many ventures which announce their own tokens based on a disruptive idea to raise investment. But there are countries which think that crypto is just a mere scam and it is causing negative impact on their economy; china has banned cryptocurrency and recently claimed that it safely shuttered all the ICO exchanges. Iran has also banned its domestic banks to deal in cryptocurrency. On the other hand, many countries have started enjoying the perk of this technology as Japan government announced to accept cryptocurrency officially. Singapore and Hong Kong have become the hub for crypto ventures to list ICO and raise investment from Asian region.

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Sip Systems accepts bitcoin

Crypto market is growing big and the total market cap hits the seven week high at $400bln. It’s a multi-billion dollar market and have convinced many companies to start adopting this transparent method of payment. Sip System which uses the most advanced technologies to provide stable and high-quality communication have started accepting cryptocurrency as method of payment.

Crypto payment method is transparent and secured, every time somebody uses this method of payment, a block is formed and gets connect to chain of already formed blocks.  This is Blockchain technology and it is gaining popularity in many industries. From agriculture to E-commerce every body tends to use this technology to solve many communication and ledger problems.

Monero recently hard forked into four other currencies because of its clash with Antminer S9, which has made crypto night coins mining easy.  There is a huge of number of tokens growing rapidly, Monero, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash are one of them. People are adopting cryptocurrency in their regular dealings, many stores accepts crypto, e-commerce ventures accepts cryptocurrency even the Sip Systems accepts bitcoin. It has many perks but decentralization and security are the main factors which has convinced many people to adopt and invest in cryptocurrency.

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