PSTN to VoIP Gateway


If you are planning to switch your business communication system from PSTN telephones to VoIP technology then you have to come across SIP trunking. Now, you must be thinking that what is it “PSTN to SIP Systems” or PSTN to VoIP Gateway?

PSTN to SIP systems

Session Initiation protocol or SIP connects your premises to the required phone network. However, the different is that SIP systems does so by using an internet connection instead of the ISDN line.

The main advantages of shifting the technology from PSTN to SIP systems is greater flexibility, reliability and lower costs. Other benefits that your system gets are listed below. Let’s find out!

Cheaper voice termination

Through the VoIP gateway traffic is routed much more efficiently as while using internet it finds the lowest cost route to the destination. Compared to ISDN lines SIP trunking will cost you less as the rental are less in amount.

Strategic considerations

Most businesses nowadays are trying out Unified Communications (UC) where they are bringing in all their communications that includes emails, voice, video conferencing and even instant messaging in one single strategy that is easy to manage. SIP trunking is very helpful in such case as the users gets a unique number of the network that they are connected to. It also allows more flexibility when it comes to connecting.


The next concern should be connectivity and while upgrading their communication system any business will try to move from analog enterprise PABX to cloud. The benefit of SIP trunking is that it is compatible with this too. Before switching do the interoperability testing to know that the equipment will run smoothly.

Flexibility and scalability

One of the issue with the ISDN line is that you have limited number of lines per connection. If you want to increase the number of lines you have to increase ISDN line. Compared to this SIP trunking is more flexible. You can add and remove trunks as and when required. You do not have to pay for any extra capacity. Thus, during peak seasons when you need more lines you can do that with almost no extra cost.

You can also keep the same phone number even if you move your premises, it is something that was not possible with the PSTN system.

For better communication it is true that SIP system has lot more advantage than the PSTN system. It not only saves costs but other resources too that may prove valuable somewhere else. Changing from PSTN to SIP systems through VoIP gateway is always beneficial for your business.

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