Sip Systems switch technology

Analog Phone Technology to Digital Sip Systems

Sip Systems switch technology

With change in technology even the telecommunication companies are also switching their systems from analog phone technology to SIP systems. The main reason is of course cost, the cost of powering a SIP data center is ten times cheaper than the rooms containing TDM switches. There are many other significant benefits that is making most businesses embrace the digital SIP system over the analog phone technology.

Here is a plan that will help you while you migrate from the PSTN to VoIP.

Establishing the migration plan

The first thing you need to ensure is that the current PBX system that you have support the SIP termination. If it doesn’t support then you have to invest and buy a SIP gateway. This is nothing but ab IP voice to PSTN convertor. You can also buy commercial VoIP PBX or use latest open source VoIP solutions to deploy Sip Termination System.

Next you need to move the existing lines and numbers to the IP system. In order to configure the new IP service make sure that you have your extension plan documented. Before you migrate your important lines it is best to move one and test it. When it performs well slowly move the others too.

Structure your network and introduce VLANS per extension

You need to change to an IP cable infrastructure and for that this step is necessary. You have two choices out here. You can either use the existing data network cabling both for data and voice. Or there is another choice to run a infrastructure separately for voice. The second option will provide you with high quality calls.

Test the Cabling

Jitter and latency can be an issue thus it is necessary to test them. It will ensure about the quality of the call and also minimize any kind of delays.

Take care of security

Finally, when you are doing things via internet you must be careful about the malware attacks and data theft. Thus have VoIP firewalls and security control measures to ensure that data is secured.

The digital SIP system have indeed brought about a revolution in how system works and if you cannot establish this change properly you cannot utilize the system optimally. When installing the new infrastructure make sure that acre has been taken for ensuring that the data are secured. Check Customized communication and computing solutions in hebrew.

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